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Saturday, January 31, 2009

GOP's 'Primitive Stimulative' Plan

Well, it does not appear that President Obama is enjoying a lot of support from Republicans. And one of our favorite websites, The Satirical Political Report, took some pot shots at the Grand Old Party this week.

Here they list the GOP's ten best programs to boost the economy. OK, so maybe it's not a legal issue. Still funny.
1. Re-sod Guantanamo.
2. Free sterilization of minorities.
3. All state aid in the form of loans — to be paid back to the “Republican National Committee.”
4. “Jet Stamps” — for corporate CEOs.
5. Expand Electric Grid, to facilitate comeback of the electric chair.
6. Mass transit funds — to deport “illegals.”
7. Tax credits for purchases of semi-automatic weapons.
8. Coupons for conversion of analog TV — to Rush Limbaugh radio.
9. Infrastructure spending — erect ten-story ‘Ten Commandments’ in every state capital.
10. Supplemental infrastructure spending — erect world’s largest solar panel directly over Nancy Pelosi’s office.

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