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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Judge Larry Heads to Sir Larry's

Fresh from his appearance on Good Morning America,, our own Larry Seidlin appears this Friday evening on Larry King, himself once a radio talk show host in Miami, years ago.

It is two years since Larry shed his tears for young Dani Lynn on a national soap opera which rivaled the OJ trial, though this was but a six day window in the spotlight. Trouble is, say local lawyers, it should have been no more than six hours.

Cleared of criminal wrongdoing in an elderly exploitation claim, Judge Seidlin has apparently been green lighted by the networks for a show, which he says is "in the works." Or a teaching stint. One thing we do know, for sure, and that is Larry's back, tanned, and ready to rock and roll.

He did dismiss the allegations against him as unwarranted, claiming his unique experiences serving 28 years in family court distanced him from the criminal and civil lawyers who unfairly criticized him, such as Roy Black.

He says he has never left the limelight or lost the enthusiasm for it. His wife and he: "We go places and people say, 'You're the judge. God bless you.' And then they start hugging me," he said in an exclusive interview on "Good Morning America" today.

There was no mention on the show of the disparaging allegations which befell the judge after his resignation. They are not water under the bridge, because even though no criminal charges will emerge, the JQC can open a file if they so elect. But is a retired judge required to answer to the same?

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