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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Protestors Win Case Against GOP

A Ramsey County, Minnesota trial judge has now entered an order and dismissed a prosecution for insufficient evidence against protestors who demonstrated during the 2008 Republican National Convention. The defendants were charged with obstructing the legal process, disorderly conduct, unlawful assembly and blocking traffic. Over 300 were arrested, their personal properties and protest pamphlets seized, and their civil liberties denied.

The LaCrosse, Minnesota Tribune reports that St. Paul City Attorney John Choi asserted that "by wearing masks and working together, the protesters presented some evidentiary problems for prosecutors." Representing the defendants, lawyer Jordan Kushner, who has lectured at the National Criminal Defense College Trial Practice Institute -- said the case "'showcased how police had no basis for the vast majority of arrests made during the RNC.'”

It does not matter whether it is Seattle for the WHO protests, Minnesota for the RNC, or Chicago 1968 at the Democratic convention. Yes, Mayor Daley we remember you and your police riot. Great new animated video out about it available on, entitled 'The Chicago Ten.'
Cities and governments, and mostly police departments, locally or in Dade, fail to grasp that protesting is an American entitlement to be protected, not a privilege to be granted.
Protesting is a civil right; a fundamental, sacred, constitutionally protected right, which is the essence of a free America. Protesters should not need protection from the police. They should be protected by them.
Here is a hometown example of a case where law enforcement may not have only abused a citizen's rights, but laughed about it afterwards. Attorney Elizabeth Ritter was the victim. :


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