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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

27 Candidates Opt for Judge Zack's County Seat

A County Court seat opened up with the resignation of Robert Zack, and 27 candidates have now applied for the opening, evenly balanced amongst men and women. Judge Zack will be staying on for a few months, so do not expect a successor to be named immediately.

At least half the candidates have over ten years experience.

Christopher Pole, a distinguished former prosecutor now in private practice, recently a finalist for a circuit seat, has re submitted his name.

Brenda DiIoia, now known as much for the TV show ‘Speeders Fight Back,’ on TRU.TV, submits her name after a close loss in an election campaign. She is
Broward County’s Chief Traffic Magistrate, and her show was just renewed. Another candidate, Maria Varsallone, has also served as a Traffic Hearing Officer for Broward.

Jordan Jordan has served as a Special Master, as has Nick Lopane, who also previously lost an attempt at a judicial election.

Karen Black-Barron and Melinda Brown have each practiced about 20 years and are members of the Family Law Section. Pamela Gordon, admitted in 1998, lists Family Law as her specialty also. Shari Olefson, also with about 20 years in, lists her forte as real property and trust law.

Shannon DeJesus was only admitted in 2001, and indicates he is a member of the Young Lawyers Division. Is there an Elder Lawyers’ Division? Maybe candidate William Lefkowitz will know. He lists his admission date as 1973.

Assistant Public Defender James D. Wells is an applicant also. Stephanie Moon, who entered the Bar in 1996, is with the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District and serves on the Federal Courts Committee. Samuel Lopez lists a few sections, including Administrative Law. His practice commenced in 1997.

The Florida Bar lists four Scott Levines, in Broward County alone. So maybe this one from Plantation is a favorite. The Governor could pick from any four names and one of them will show up for work.

The nominees to be screened are as follows. Feel free to leave feedback.

Black-Barron, Karen E.
Bloom, Michael S.
Brown, Melinda Kirsch
DeJesus, Shannon
DiIoia, Brenda
Francois, Phoebee R.
Goldstein, Frieda M.
Gordon, Pamela M.
Hurtado, Jorge E.
Hyatt, Steven W.
Jordon, Jordan H.
Lefkowitz, William H.
Levine, Scott A.
Levy, Nadine L. Girault
Lopane, Nicholas
Lopez, Samuel D.
Mastrarrigo, Lorena V.
McCarthy, Barbara
Merrigan, Jr., Edward H.
Moon, Stefanie C.
Olefson, Shari
Pole, Christopher W.
Ricca, Michele McCaul
Robinson, Michael A.
Varsallone, Maria L.
Wells, James D.
Williams, Gerard S.

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  1. Jim Wells was my supervisor when I was at the PD's Office. He is a smart lawyer and has a great mellow temperament. He's put in about a million times and never gotten the nod. He'd be a good choice.