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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Wheelchair Patient in ALF Stabs to Death Other Patient in Wheelchair

Today, proof again that violence strikes anywhere and everywhere.

I have witnessed the Paralympic Games and seen how tough wheelchair basketball can be. But you tend to think of those persons who are confined to wheelchairs as individuals who grasp the preciousness of life.

It was not so yesterday in the East Village in New York, where an argument between two men in wheelchairs ended in deadly violence when one stabbed the other after being gashed on the head, police and witnesses said.

A resident of Barrier-Free Living, an assisted-living facility, said the killer managed to corner the victim because he was using a motorized wheelchair.

The battle started in the early morning hours when a 24-year-old resident smashed a 51-year-old with the footrest of his wheelchair.

"There was an argument over nothing," said Norberto Toledo, who is the victim's roommate.

The older man was enraged and some time later zoomed over to his victim - who was using a manually operated wheelchair - and repeatedly stabbed him with a homemade knife.

"[He] sped up to him and began stabbing him over and over again," Toledo, who said he watched the murder with guards on a security monitor. "We couldn't believe what we were seeing." I will just assume for the purposes of this article they watched the reruns, because you gotta say to yourself if they were watching it as it happened, then what the hell were these guards doing?

Cops recovered the knife at the scene and arrested the 51-year-old man. Remanded without bond, the preliminary charges are manslaughter. Don't know if the guy had been drinking. If he had, with a motorized wheelchair, they could charge him with DUI Manslaughter. Well, they would in Broward!

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