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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

20 Things We Can Learn From 'The Scott Rothscheme Scandals'

by Norm Kent

1. Greed is not Good.

2. Appearance is not Everything.

3. Power is not what it is cracked up to be.

4. If it looks too good to be true, it is in fact not true, and we knew this already did we not?

5. If a guy running a law firm signs his memos, 'Love ya kidzzzzz' maybe there is something very wrong at the top, and big shot lawyers should have seen this coming. Somehow I don't see William Scherer signing his memos to his firm thusly.

6. Lots of very wealthy people/investors can be very stupid. Ed Morse, come on down.

7. WC Fields was right when he said there is a sucker born every minute. If he had lived in South Florida instead of Philly, he might have said one is born every 20 seconds. Selling settlements on sex discrimination cases? There not being enough pineapples in the pineapple juice? 23 million for an interior decorating scheme? And people think I smoke bad weed?

8. Real Mafia guys lay low and do not show off their watches, cars, or homes or tell people they are part of the Mafia.

9. Brittany, I was right the first time when I told you only 'Schmucks' threaten reporters. Should have known right there and then he was covering and hiding something. But think what kind of idiot he must really be, knowing for years how he had done what he had done and he would nevertheless continue to bring such limelight and attention to himself.

10. People who comment on blogs can be incisive and informative but even more are hateful and ruthless.

11. And this one I learned from others accused of similar acts: "As long as you flash money and pay the bills, no one cares and everyone will look the other way."

12. There are no designer jeans or Cuban cigars in jail. Or reporters to call and scream at.

13. Doing favors for your boss sometimes means not doing a favor for yourself. When the illegal campaign contributions and kickbacks are unveiled; when the lawyers on staff who covered for Rothstein are exposed, there will be more ruined careers and Florida Bar cards torn up.

14. Just because you have your picture taken with a sports star does not make you one. Let me ask you this: do you think Alonzo Mourning had a picture of Scott Rothstein in his living room?

15. 'Bling' is blinding whether you are wearing the jewelry or stuffing it in your pocket because someone gave it to you.

16. Politicians are whores who will do anything for money, including knowingly and willingly circumventing campaign contribution laws by taking donations that violate the purpose and spirit of the statutes. Like the $500 maximum contribution. Please! How many of our elected office holders or losing candidates willingly took $500 from each of the 20 corporations solely owned by SR to thus evade mandatory campaign limits?

17. J. Herbert Burke. Doug Danziger. Scott Cowan. Josephus Eggleston, I presume. The Alderdices. Gold Bullion. Sheriffs past. County Commissioners present. School Board members. Judges. Lobbyists. Ponzi Scheme City. The good old Port Commission with lavish parties. Union officials.Stop looking at the Court brooms in Miami. Broward is really corrupt too. Has Been. Will Be.

18. Too many people do not want less corruption.
They just want more of a chance to be part of it.

19. No amount of money today is worth your freedom tomorrow.

20. The 'right' thing is not to do the wrong thing in the first place.

Then you do not wind up as a Defendant:

21-30 Feel free to enter in the comments section your own proverbs...


  1. 21. A crook is a crook is a crook and his goose gets cooked, even at Bova Prime

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