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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Say It Ain't So, Howard

Okay, just a couple of personal notes as we begin the Holidays..

First, thanks to the BACDL, hosting a very nice party at the Seventh Street Wine Company, near the Courthouse; a great place to buy wine for the holidays.

Second, congratulations to David Haimes, a federal prosecutor appointed to a judgeship this week by Governor Christ. He is a seasoned lawyer with experience.

Third, tell me please, Howard Forman, that you really do not charge attorneys two dollars to have a clerk look up a case number. That is about as stupid and insulting a revenue producing agent as you can generate. A lawyer in a hurry comes in to your office and already has to pay the clerk for the copy of the PC sheet. I can see that. Even at a buck a page. Which is a joke in the present era when a photocopy costs less than a penny. But to tell your clerks they are to collect monies from an attorney just for looking up the case number is greed greed greed and that is not good good good. One other thing. Would it hurt so much if an indigent pro se client came in and asked for their pc sheet and had no money, if that was given to them for free?

Fourth, more on the DUI drug court my blog has been pushing. Seems my suggestion has been floating around the courthouse long before I proposed it. In fact, certain judges have even attended a program out of state to certify their ability to manage and run the concept. Only one elected officeholder in the county seems to oppose it. Change is good, Mr. Satz. Go with the flow. If we want to reduce DUI recidivism, then let's reduce the number of alcoholics first.

Fifth, speaking of driving, fair warning to all. The lobbyists for driving schools have snaked their way into the legislative pocketbooks or caught the majority with lots of naked photos. Seems that more laws have made their way onto the books surreptitiously, which strip away again the power of traffic hearing officers to exercise independent discretion. So get ready for this: any new tickets you or your clients get for using an HOV lane, driving through a red light, or some other more serious offenses REQUIRE driving school regardless of what the traffic judge does.

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  1. Two bucks for a freaking clerk to read a computer. That stinks big time. Crooks, crooks, you are all crooks...