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Thursday, December 24, 2009

New Driver's License and ID Rules In Effect

Beginning Jan. 1, new documentation requirements will take effect for Florida residents wishing to obtain a driver license or identification card. It's going to be more of a pain in the ass than usual.

Those wishing to obtain a new license, legally change their name prior to their renewal date or immediately replace a lost or stolen license or ID card will be required to visit a driver license office and show proof of identification, Social Security number and residential address (two items). Welcome to the world of linkups with Homeland Security.

Those simply renewing may do so by a convenience method, via the Internet or mail, one time between office renewals.

The renewal, following a convenience option, must be in a state driver license office (or participating tax collector office) where new requirements will be in effect. Floridians are encouraged to visit to find out how and when to gather your documents, go to a driver license office and get your new card. This online hub allows residents to obtain contact information showing where to get required documents, create personalized checklists and browse a list of local driver license offices in their area.

"These new requirements support the most secure identification credential possible," said Division of Driver License Director Sandra Lambert. Florida law was enacted to ensure the state's compliance with the provisions of the Federal Real ID Act. No more Mohammed Attas for us. Now as for the license in the picture, well you all know I am a Sports Memorabilia collector. Appreciate the spelling by Tallahassee of Joe D's address in 'Miaim'.

For more information about the GatherGoGet campaign, or to see a full list of required documents, visit

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