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Friday, December 25, 2009

Dad Prosecuted for Taking Child to Hooker to Make Him 'Straight'

An Australian father who is accused of forcing his teenage son to have sex with a prostitute — out of fear that he was gay — may face rape charges.

As the rest of the family celebrated Christmas 2007, the father allegedly took his son to a motel in North Rockhampton, where he paid the prostitute to have sex with his son, according to The Morning Bulletin, a newspaper in Rockhampton. And jiminy cricket!, the kid was only 14.

He left the room, demanding that the boy show him a used condom as proof he finished with the prostitute. A magistrate decided on Tuesday that there was enough evidence to bring the father to trial.

“First [he] didn’t want to say anything to me,” the boy's mother testified. “Then he told me his father took him to a motel room and there was a prostitute there.

Detective Christine Knapp said police first became aware of the situation when the father tried to report his son to authorities six months later, in May 2008, saying the boy was abusing his younger brother. Seems to me the dad had some courage in reporting the sexual abuse of one of his teenagers. Could not have been easy when the accused is the other sibling.

The father said he “tried to sort it out himself by taking his son to a prostitute” to no avail. The alleged prostitute has yet to be found. Somehow I don't think the dad kept tax records.

I don't buy into this kind of prosecution. I think most kids would get off, forgive the phrase, on their dads bringing them to a hooker. Not a gay kid, though, to be sure. Not at the age of 14. Not very bright of the dad. Shows a considerable lack of understanding; that the pops need attention too. I think there are some more serious issues here, though, which deserve some serious counseling and intervention, don't you?

It's just hard to blame the dad for tryin.... just sayin'..... Most dads want their kids to grow up to be like Tiger Woods... :-) They have a hard time believing they raised Harvey Fierstein instead. But getting the courts and the justice system involved. I think there are other issues to deal with.

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