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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Please Do Not Have Sex With Your Backyard Picnic Table

Remember the famous line of Florida cases where individuals who had sex inside their first floor condos to close to the community swimming pool were charged with public indecency because they did not close the windows and neighbors could stare in and see them doing the nasty?
Remember the couple that had sex in the motel on top of the left field stands in the Toronto Blue Jays innovatively designed stadium?
Oh, and then there is all that stuff we did as kids in the back of dad's convertible.
Well, my favorite blogger John Mesirow has found a great story out of Ohio where some dude decided to do the hole in the umbrella in his backyard patio table. But his home is near a school, and some kids filmed it, shared it, and now the video is evidence, that well, could stand up in court against him, for the felony of having pubic sex in a public place.
You have heard of change of charge? Well the State may raise it from the misdemeanor of public indecency to felonious conduct because the dude did it more than once in daytime hours near a schoolyard. The guy is married and has kids, but apparently is just not getting enough. Well now maybe he will get the table over his head.
The case has been turned over to the Huron County prosecutor. That office will conduct a full investigation and present the case before a grand jury.

Specific charges will depend on whether the school was in session at the time. Maybe it was a teacher's work day or something. Unreal, huh?

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