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Sunday, April 12, 2009

It's Time for Defense Attorneys to Challenge Forensic Reports In Every Case

The series of articles the Broward Law Blog has done on the decompensating authority of past forensic analysis is summarized in these blogs:

An article in the weekend NY Times exposes flaws in Alabama so severe that "Alabama authorities plan to review as many as 100 forensic cases by a medical examiner whose botched autopsy of a baby led a judge to throw out a murder charge against the mother."
The handwriting is on the wall. We have been so reliant on this technology that we have not questioned it thoroughly, challenged it effectively, or overturned it successfully. We have buffaloed and bulldozed by guys in white suits wearing the title of experts and accepting foolishly their representations to courts and jurists.
And now study after study is showing just how supplicant we have been and how wrong they are. If I ran a public defender's office, or managed a state attorney, I would ask them to join together to form an 'Innocence Project' and scrutinize jointly all these outside forensic experts they have been contracting with for years, and demand review and further analysis on all those cases where the purported accuracy of forensics was cause for a verdict. Let's do what is just for anyone and and not just what is expedient for everyone.

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