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Friday, April 3, 2009

DUI Deputy Resigns Over Battery Charges

The mystery of Deputy Grady has been cleared up. For months, the State Attorney has only been disclosing that there was a 'problem' with his testimony; that he has been suspended. Called to testify in cases under a Brady notice, he would say 'I only know I am suspended. I do not know why.' Now we all know.

In yesterday's Herald and the Sentinel, the revealing reports that 'A Broward sheriff's deputy has resigned after being charged with two counts of misdemeanor battery, and prosecutors said they are reviewing hundreds of cases in which he was involved.'

The charges were filed on Monday against Deputy Charles E. Grady, 39, who has been with BSO for nearly 12 years. Arraignment is scheduled for May 13. On Wednesday, Grady resigned, according to a statement from the Broward Sheriff's Office.

Court documents say that Grady touched or struck two different women on two different occasions, on Sept. 19 and Dec. 19. Both incidents are alleged to have happened as part of traffic stops, according to BSO. It opens the door to closing hundreds of his arrests. When the misconduct and wrong of the cop is greater than the injustice of the defendant, then the case is lost.

Ron Ishoy, spokesman for the state attorney's office, said a preliminary count showed Grady was involved in more than 200 cases. The office estimates that dozens of cases in which Grady was involved have already been changed or dropped.

''Since we were first notified of his suspension and then the criminal investigation against him, we have been reviewing each of those cases to determine their strengths and weaknesses with or without his testimony,'' Ishoy said in a statement. The Broward Sheriff's Office also is conducting an internal affairs investigation.

On first note, it seems to me that both the Broward Sheriff's Office AND the Broward County State Attorney's office is handling this properly, investigating it thoroughly, and insuring that justice is meted out to innocent victims and wrongful couriers. Just one story in the naked city. Reminds me of that Margate cop who jumped into the back of a car with some girl for sex in exchange for blowing off a DUI arrest. The moral is listen to your client. Sometimes these things really happen. Sometimes more times than we would like to know.


  1. The corruption of those who are supposed to be protecting us is always a difficult thing to swallow. As you said, our stubborn refusal to believe that sometimes those we hold to the highest standards fall and flounder like the rest of us may, in fact, be perpetuating the problem. On the other hand, unwarranted mass skepticism of those in authority can also be problematic.

    Thanks for posting. This is definitely thought provoking!

  2. he is kinda hot- he can arrest me anytime!