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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Buddy Blogs on Backman Junior and Lazarus Senior

Go to the link below and don't miss this short piece by Blogger Buddy Nevins at the Broward Beat.

We may have another judicial family in Broward soon. The former Sentinel columnist is speculating that Paul Backman's son, Jeffrey, will be campaigning for the Joel Lazarus seat on the Broward County bench in 2010. No word on whether Joel's proposed constitutional amendment to Charley Crist has passed yet, that of course being a requirement that anyone who fills the seat be a Boston Red Sox fan. It's unusual of course, but then this is Broward, the rules are different here.

Lazarus says he won't quit early but defense attorneys are chipping in funds for him to do so. Russell Williams is in fact leading the campaign to buy for Joel a pair of Curt Schilling's bloody socks from the World Series so Joel can go home and spend his days sniffing them. They have decided to present those to him at the Harry Gulkin dinner along with Jon Papelbon's underwear from the last game of last year's World Series.

Here is the Nevins nose for news:

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