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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Judge Aleman Gets Reprimanded on the 'Net

Working in court and on cases all day, about the best I can do is publish the Governor's press release on the new judicial appointments, and this article from Tonya Alanyez in the Sun Sentinel about Judge Aleman's reprimand.

The public was able to watch the reprimand of Broward Circuit Judge Cheryl Aleman for misconduct by the Florida Supreme Court on Tuesday. Unprecedented. Here she is pictured in a Sun Sentinel photograph from 2006.

Here is the Sentinel report:

Broward Circuit Judge Cheryl Alemán stood before Florida's seven Supreme Court justices this morning, termed an "errant" judge in need of a public reprimand for her misconduct on the bench.

"This is a sad day for you, the state of Florida and the entire judiciary," said Chief Justice Peggy Quince. "At the most fundamental level, you have damaged the public's trust and confidence."Alemán had failed to uphold a judge's highest calling of maintaining fairness, courteousness and impartiality, Quince said.

The seven-minute scolding began at 9 a.m. and was aired live on the Internet. Alemán, 50, stood at the podium in the austere courtroom dressed in black, topped by a red jacket. A large cross pendant hung from her neck.

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Transcript of Judge Aleman's reprimand (PDF)

Other than "good morning," Alemán's only words came at the end: "God bless you and the court.,0,5394791.story

Over the years, Judge Aleman, from Jacksonville, who had served in the Attorney Generals' office, stirred controversy as a harsh and demanding jurist in criminal court. Faced with the misconduct charges, she brought in David Bogenshutz to represent her. And her notoriety brought her opposition when her term ended. She had to fight to win re-election to the bench in Broward, but she did. Now serves on the civil bench.

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  1. She recently passed away. All the newspaper articles refer to her as a "committed Christian." It appears that she left her beliefs at home, she certainly did not walk in the Lord's footsteps when she donned her judicial robes. Hypocrite.