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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Weed: Back in a Neighborhood Near You

--The cover of Fortune Magazine--

Weed, A Poem
by Yours Truly


The word is out.

People are lighting up.

The President has inhaled.

Cities have decriminalized.

Doctors have prescribed.

The media has recognized.

People have consumed.

Farmers have grown.

Colleges have re-mobilized.

Celebrities have indulged.

Patients have medicalized.

TV shows have promoted.

The Internet has spread the word.

You Tube has shown the pictures.


Still illegal.

Still not harmful.

But the times, they are a changin'


  1. Quarterly Reports on one Untaxed American Business

    In 2008 the total revenue produced equaled 36 Billion; total cost is placed at 12 Million.
    Every month 3 Billion is generated at the cost of 1 million
    Every quarter 12 Billion at 3 Million

    Amount lost due to laws 50 Million each year
    36 Billion minus 50 Million = 35 Billion 950 million profit
    War costs for government 25 Billion each year
    Loss to communities and states 60 Billion combined revenue amounts

    Distribution preformed by gangs, and teenagers, local criminals, lone wolfs, Skinheads
    Would like to invest in transport, storage, processing, spending Billions but can’t

    No product safety available due to laws
    No FDA inspections
    No labor costs enforcement
    Bartering and trading services acceptable in some cases
    No federal tax paid
    No state tax paid
    No income tax paid
    No Social Security tax paid
    Yet largest cash crop each year.

    In every city of every state
    In every country
    In every location
    Operating without any controls
    Only keeping the prisons and jails full

  2. Terrorizing Citizens on Drugs

    It has been said, that when a butterfly flutters its wings, a wave is created on the other side of the world. Just like that, for each new person who decides to smoke marijuana in America, the United States Government gains another enemy combatant in the War on Drugs. Our Government has been at war for over twenty years costing billions of dollars yearly, with this group of citizens. A bunch of people who don’t like to rely chemicals and pills to relieve their pain and give them some relief, the Hippies. All because of fraud, false information and down right lies by Harry Anslinger and his movie Refer Madness in the 1930’s.

    Since this war was legally declared by Congress, the Senate, along with the President, it became an unquestioned war. But a war needs two sides to make it a war, if one side uses heavy firepower, deadly force, almost rabid destructive behavior and the other side responds with flowers and peace signs, it cannot be labeled war, it is terrorism.

    Terrorism is the unlawful use or threatened use of force or violence by a person or an organized group against people or property with the intention of intimidating or coercing societies or governments, often for ideological or political reasons. The idea that marijuana is evil started the early laws, even the word was made up, no one knew what it even was they were banning. These laws were backed by oil, and lumber people using the government for their own gains to kill their competition.

    The country is hurting from our last eight years of international blunders, outsourcing of jobs and industries. Our ability to be the world power is in jeopardy since we are on borrowed money, borrowed time. The United States need something new, something fresh, and something that will change all of our businesses into what they should have been all along, renewable.
    Hemp (from Old English hænep, see cannabis (etymology)) is the common name for plants of the entire genus Cannabis, although the term is often used to refer only to Cannabis strains cultivated for industrial use. It is a plant; it needs no production to change it into a usable form. It needs no chemicals to extract the seeds, and resins.
    Industrial hemp has many uses, including paper, textiles, biodegradable plastics, health food, and fuel It is one of the fastest growing biomasses known, and one of the earliest domesticated plants known It also runs parallel with the "Green Future" objectives that are becoming increasingly popular. Hemp requires little to no pesticides no herbicides, controls erosion of the topsoil, and produces oxygen. Furthermore, hemp can be used to replace many potentially harmful products, such as tree paper (the processing of which uses bleaches and other toxic chemicals, and contributes to deforestation), cosmetics, and
    In order for everyone to be politically correct the War on Drugs gets the new label of Terrorizing Citizens on Drugs.
    This Terrorism has lead to discrimination in the U S A