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Friday, September 18, 2009

Mary Travers' Peaceful Voice

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Never met Mary Travers.

Never interviewed Mary Travers.

Know very little about her.

Do know one thing.

Whenever I wanted quiet and reflective moments, sought an introspective yet sharing moment with people I cared for, Peter, Paul, and Mary did it for me. Growing up protesting a war in Vietnam, when there was a concert for peace, she was there. When there was pain to be tamed, she was there. When your spirit needed to soar, she could provide the lift.

You know, we still have a foreign war going on, one that has lasted longer than World War I and World War II combined. Yeah, really. One that saw August pass with its bloodiest month. Her songs still ring true.

When you look up and each day see people of your generation passing, from sudden death or lingering disease, you kind of say, wow, this really has been a short ride.

I end each nite watching ESPN. They say of hurt ballplayers that they are day to day. Guess what, we are all day to day. Minute to minute in fact, whether we are Patrick Swayze or the guy selling newspapers on the corner.

So like Phil Ochs once wrote, if you have something to say, you better say it now. Because there is no one to say it for you when you are gone.

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