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Friday, September 11, 2009

One Time Miami DEA Head Now Indicted for Fraud

Tell me how we should trust the government. Tell me how the powers that be honor us all.
I am reminded of the Tom Lehrer song about how we love our leaders and elect them again and again, and what did you learn in school today little boy of mine?
Thomas Raffanello, a former global security director with Stanford Financial Group and once South Florida’s top anti-drug agent, was indicted Thursday in the collapse of the financial company described by the Securities and Exchange Commission as an $8 billion fraud.
Raffanello, 61, of Coral Gables was charged with obstructing an SEC case, destroying records in a federal investigation and conspiracy for his work at Stanford’s Fort Lauderdale office.
Raffanello was in the law enforcement spotlight after he was appointed special agent in charge of the Drug Enforcement Administration in Miami in 2002.
He announced major drug indictments and was part of the agency’s transition to a post-Sept. 11 enforcement world. He locked up those bad pot growers. He jailed those bad guys. He was the head of the DEA, so honored, so distinguished, he became the point man. And now today, years later, everything points to him.
The full story is in the Daily Business Review on Friday, September 11.


  1. He got what he deserved!!!!! Woo hoo!!!

  2. Your facts are wrong. He was never charged with fraud or implication with the ponzi scheme. We still live in a country where you are presumed innocent until proven guilty! Let's leave it up to the criminal justice system to rule on this.

  3. WOW... what a distinguished and proud career! He was an a-hole as an up and coming DEA Agent, particularly as SAC in Phoenix, was married to a total "biatch," also a ranking DEA agent who sudden appearance at DEA HQ was explained as a transfer, but her peers said it was due to her DUI in her DEA-issued vehicle. HMMM... lots of stories and articles about LEOs and DUIs or criminal activity, but nothing about good ol' Heidi, who had the personality of a rock!
    I'm inclined to believe her peers... months after arriving in DC, this speeding SUV blew a stop sign 2 blocks from DEA HQ and nearly broadsided me (I had the right of way). She flipped me off and continued on, to run a red light at Army Navy Drive and South Eads Street.
    After her sudden appearance at DEA HQ she took over as head of Security Programs, a highly disorganized and challenged, at best, group of programs that was politically disjointed and cried out for a strong leader... NOT her!
    While the staff attempted to take my new ID photo, she rudely corrected them, gave them misinformation and when supposedly ready to take the photo, I informed her that she had the wrong back drop for the photo... a challenge that obviously annoyed the DIVA. Low and behold, she was wrong and when FINALLY ready to go, the equipment did NOT work and dozens of appointments had to be rescheduled!
    If I'd only known where Heidi and Tom were these days, it would have solved the problem of Godparents for my children!