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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Trouble With Justice

Well here is an article I wrote 30 years ago that I could not figure out how to post on the blog because it is a PDF. You just hit the link above, entitled, 'The Trouble With Justice,' and it takes you directly to the full article posted by Jaablog for me.

Jaablog has been kind enough to post it on their site so I could link to it on my site since I guess you cannot put a PDF on a free blog.

Rather long, for Broward Life, a weekly glossy, it summarizes my convictions back then, many of which I still stand by today.

On the tombstone of my friend Al Lowenstein, there reads this saying: "If a man stands by his convictions, and there abides, eventually the world will come round to him..."

As I reach the Fall of my life, I am happy to look back and see what I said then I stand by today; and sorry that so many of the sores which infected the justice system then still wound us today.

I would like to think we have progressed and moved forward and achieved much, but in truth our gains have been modest, and I dare say the justice system has ruined as many as it has saved.

Someday, folksinger Tom Paxton, once wrote, 'Peace will come.' Someday. But it is not around the corner.

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