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Saturday, November 21, 2009

My Last and Final Scott Rothscheme Story

Etherus, The God of Excess

Today the Sun Sentinel reports that a group of rich investors have sued Scott Rothscheme for being scammed:

Then there is the DBR story about how he sold someone on a settlement scam involving there not being enough pineapple in the pineapple juice so Dole was willing to Dole out 150 million to not get exposed. And the list goes on. No doubt that when Scott traded baseball cards as a kid, he would trade a Don Mossi for a Mickey Mantle.

To be sure, an abundance of legal issues remain unresolved. Will you, Mr. Rothscheme, get a bond? Will you be stuck with a public defender? Will a Nebbia hearing strip you even of your lawyer? How much time will you get? Will you bring others down with you? Will the monies be recovered? But I think I am through blogging about this punk.

1. He is a nefarious crook who scammed, hurt, deceived, and maybe destroyed the lives of lots of good people, including those who trusted him most. There is no telling just yet what the residual emotional and material impact of his schemes will be upon those around him.

2. He was greedy, self-centered, self-indulgent, and while outwardly seeming to generously endow noble charities he was a thief stealing from his friends, and ultimately betrayed and embarrassed those charitable agencies who aligned themselves with him.

3. By bringing down a law firm, he has wreaked enormous pain and hardship to hundreds of clients and compromised, perhaps fatally, their cases and claims, while at the same time stealing monies from trust accounts that the Florida Bar will never be able to adequately pay back.

4. Calling the media to announce he 'made a mistake' and is going to 'do the right thing' and insure that 'no one will suffer' while 'everyone is going to be paid back' tells me he is insanely delusional or worse, trying to carry the scam one step further by attempting to put himself in the best possible light for that moment he steps in front of a sentencing judge.

Ultimately, Scott's demise reminds me of a Twilight Zone episode. Seeking immortality and fame, a vicious criminal is granted one wish. He requests and receives 'eternal life.' Egotistical and brazen with his newfound prowess, he pushes his wife out a window of their high rise to her death. He defies the prosecutor and scoffs at him as he asks for the death penalty, knowing he can never die. But to his shock and chagrin, a fate he never imagined, the judge does not sentence him to death. Instead, the man who can never die is sentenced to life in prison. An eternity behind bars.

Scott Rothstein, for what you have done, you have achieved finally the ultimate notoriety you had sought. You are a true superstar, getting more press than even Shaq or Dwayne Wade, the studs you surrounded yourself with. But they are on the playing field still, and you have been thrown out of the game.

Like Etherus, the Santharian God of Excess, you have drank too much from the potion of lust and desire. You have immersed yourself in the waters of treachery and seduction. And so you have aligned yourself with the Alderdice Brothers and the Gold Bullion Exchange, with Bernard Madoff and his yachts. Your spirit will indeed live on. You will not be forgotten. We promise.

Before it closes, we will all gather and have a drink in your memory, at Bova Prime. But you dear sir, won't be there to see it. You instead will be doing an eternity, a lifetime, behind bars. That is your legacy. Proud now, superstar?


  1. That was FABULOUS and we bloggers have read it and it's posted on the blog today.

    Come over and join us.....

  2. Excellent!

  3. Waiting for the Truth
    You said it all!!!! Great Piece,Well Done!!!!

  4. And let's pray that the other scum bag lawyers that worked with him, day in and day out, get their time behind bars! Don't think that any attorney at that firm didn't know exactly what they were signing on for...."legacy"--- take a look at the "Judge's sons" that worked for that firm...connect the dots, it doesn't take much digging to see their involvement.

  5. Where is Farmer in the mess visa via Scott, in view of the marketing of qui tam scams ?