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Friday, October 23, 2009

Minnesota Court Rules Bong Water Counts as Illegal Drug

Michael Phelps- World Famous Bonger

MINNEAPOLIS — In Minnesota, bong water can count as an illegal drug.

That decision from Minnesota’s Supreme Court on Thursday raises the threat of longer sentences for drug smokers in that state who fail to dump the water out of bong, which, in case you do not know, is a type of water pipe often used to smoke herb.

The court said a person can be prosecuted for a first-degree drug crime for 25 grams or more of bong water that tests positive for a controlled substance. Lower courts had held that bong water is drug paraphernalia. Possession of that is a misdemeanor crime. This is why I went to law school. This is why you can become a judge. So you can spend your evenings deciding if the water in a bong is illegal because it is laced with THC.

The case involved a woman whose bong had about 2½ tablespoons of liquid that tested positive for methamphetamine. A narcotics officer had testified that drug users sometimes keep bong water to drink or inject later. So he charged her with surfing in illegal waters. And the courts agreed. MORE DETAILED PIECE OFF MSNBC
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