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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Remarkable Hollywood Police DUI Video Case

Oh, you just can't make this stuff up.

A most disgraceful episode for law enforcement in Broward County, orchestrated by cops not paying attention to their oath, forgetting about a dashboard camera, and protecting their own, all things a citizen should fear most. All come in to play in the most egregious act by law enforcement that we have witnessed in years.
Four veteran Hollywood, Fla., police officers falsified a police report to cover up a crash involving a fellow officer.

The crash was caught on the officer's dashboard camera and on the audiotape, Sgt. Dewey Pressley, a 21-year-veteran of the force, is heard allegedly plotting to cover up what happened.

"Well, I don't lie and makes things up ever, because it's wrong," Pressley said. "But if I need to bend it a little to protect a cop, I'm gonna."

On tape, Pressley is also heard directing another officer on how to write the report.

"I will write the narrative out for you. I will tell you exactly how to word it so it can get him off the hook. You see the angle of her car? You see the way it's like this? As far as I'm concerned, I am going to word it she is in the left hand lane. We will do a little Walt Disney to protect the cop, because it wouldn't matter because she was drunk anyway," Pressley said.

Officers Dewey Pressley, Joel Francisco, Andrew Diaz and Community Service Officer Karim Thomas are all being investigated by Internal Affairs.

Meanwhile, the Broward State Attorney's Office has dropped DUI charges against Torrensvilas.
The conduct is disgraceful. Think about it again and again and it is mind boggling. If they would do this here, why not elsewhere? If they have done it now, have they not done it before? Who else are the unknown victims?

A sad day, but is it out of the ordinary or just out and very ordinary?
One wonders in a county that gave us Powertrak. A chief of police came to Hollywood to help clean up the department. I guess now he gets a new chance. Apparently the windows were still very dirty.

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