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Monday, December 14, 2009

Nevada Says Male Prostitutes Have Legal Rights Too

What is good for the goose is now good for the gander in the state of Nevada.

Hello, Chicken Ranch, here I come! :-)

The Nevada State Board of Health, citing something called equal rights and the constitution, this body of laws that presume even steven for everyone- has made a change in brothel regulations that will allow men to be prostitutes—even for other men.

Prostitution has been legal in Nevada since 1971, but places like the Shady Lady Ranch have only been allowed to offer up mares, because health regulations required all prostitutes to receive "cervical" tests for STDs. Since guys don't have a cervix, they were essentially banned from being prostitutes. But on Friday, Shady Lady Ranch madam Bobbi Davis, armed with a team of ACLU lawyers, successfully petitioned the Nevada State Board of Health to allow men to receive urethral examinations instead. This cleared them to offer up their own services.

The Nevada Brothel Owners Association is not enthused about tapping into the new and growing market of people who like having sex with men There is a backlash emerging. A spokesman for the brothel association likened the changes to the brothel industry's "Pearl Harbor"; that it will damage the industry forever. He claimed that most Nevadans will negatively respond against legalized male prostitution, and its potential risks, thus impacting the historic success of the trade. I doubt it.

From a legal standpoint, you used to be able to say HIV was a health hazard caused by male on male sex. But it is a health hazard caused by unsafe sex. What is happening here is a leveling of the playing field for both men and women, a legal disposition that suggests you cannot discriminate based on sex. Realistically, then, you have to wonder what took so long to mandate- forgive the term- that guys have the same rights women have. Presumptively, I guess this also means lesbians can now contract out their services as well.

Equal rights for all never hurt anyone.

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